Radical Proposals in Basque Studies

The complex relationship of complicity and resistance that exists between academia and the various hegemonic discourses of power has been the subject of analysis by various humanistic disciplines. The Frankfurt School’s critique of the mandarin Scholar-Official, Louis Althusser’s essay on Ideological State Apparatuses, Pierre Bourdieu’s Homo Academicus or the Derridean concept of a university without condition are just a few examples of a whole metacritical apparatus, with which comparative literature has occupied a critical position regarding the domain in which its on discourse is created.  Taking the necessary geopolitical demarcation which corresponds to this area of study as a starting point, 452°F Journal has decided to dedicate the ninth monographic to the creation of a radical discourse – a discourse of resistance and opposition against the most reactionary of theories in the field of Basque Literary and Cultural Studies. [+]

On July 31st 2012, we start the CFP for the ninth issue of the 452°F Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature.  This CFP is open and addressed to anyone who wishes to contribute and who holds at least a BA degree.

The criteria that follow, which regulate the receipt and publication of any works, are subject to the content of the Peer review System, the Style-sheet and the Legal Notice.  All these may be consulted on the Procedures area of the web page.

       - The deadline for submissions is January 31st 2013; all articles received after this date will be rejected

       - The number of articles included in the ninth issue will be between 8 and 12. The Editorial Board will represent at most 20% of the total.

       - The articles will be placed, according to the field of interest, in the corresponding section of the Journal (monographic or miscellaneous)

      - The monographic section will be restricted to 4 to 6 articles and, in the ninth issue, will bring together a body of texts characterised by their critical capacity and their ability to bring new perspectives to the field of Basque Literary and Cultural Studies. Possible lines of investigation, though not an exhaustive list, may include:

           a. Basque academia and the relationship between knowledge and power

                 b. Investigation of scientific discourse and its performative ability: epistemic and symbolic violence

                 c. Analysis of the Basque literary system and criticism thereof.

                 d. Theoretical and methodological proposals for strategic reading

                 e. Analysis of literary texts and other texts as areas of ideological resistance/reproduction.

      - All other articles will constitute the miscellaneous section and, as long as it stays within the boundaries of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, and the choice of theme and approach is free.

      - Articles for publication should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The subject line should include the section for which the article is intended (“monographic” or “miscellaneous”), the name of the author and the title of the article.

     Barcelona, July 31st 2012

452°F Journal

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