Catalan literary thought

Catalan literary studies have been predominantly oriented toward and affiliated with Philology and History studies. In the few decades in which this discipline has been developed within the university, there has been a strong emphasis in the initial phases to push a large number of the research efforts in this direction. The priorities and urgencies of the Academy, along with the weaknesses and limited scope for articulation for the proposals that have emerged in other areas of Catalan criticism and literary reflection, have marked the field with a canonizing and positivist dynamic. It is centred on the study and fixture of texts, of historical Catalan literary periods, of bio-bibliographic trajectories, and of the interrelations between historical contexts and literary production. This dominant historicism also yields a lack of critical attention to the current creative process, which has lead to the paradox of a literary production almost without readership, without interpretation. [+]


On January 31st, 2019, we will open the call for papers for the twenty-second issue of 452ºF. Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada, to be published on January 31st, 2020. This call for papers is open to anyone wishing to participate and who is in possession of at least a Bachelor’s level degree.


The following criteria regulate the reception and publication of all works in line with the peer review system, the style sheet and the legal notice, which may be accessed in the Procedures section of the website (

- Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2019. Any articles received after this date will not be considered for this issue.

- To be considered for the peer review process, articles must follow the rules described in the Author Guidelines:

- The number of articles included in the twenty-second issue will range from 8 to 12. Articles will be divided according to the field of interest in the corresponding section of the journal (monograph or Miscellanea).

- The monograph section will be restricted to 4 to 8 articles and, in the twenty-first issue will bring together a body of texts dealing with the topic “Catalan Literary Thought” A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:


a) National literatures and Universal literatures

b) Moving beyond anti-Francoist and normalising discourses

c) Aesthetic and philosophical debates: literature as a type of knowledge

d) Comparative perspectives

e) Functions and malfunctions of literary criticism

f) Subalternity, regionalisms and post-colonial focusses

g) Genders and identities

h) Creative heterodoxies and readers in liminal spaces

i) Rootedness and cosmopolitanisms

j) Depoliticizations and repoliticizations of literary practice and reflections

k) Theoretical offshoots of literary translation

l) Classics, canons, repertoires, and other distribution lists


- All other articles will be considered for the Miscellanea section. The theme and approach are open, within the boundaries of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature.

- For online submissions and editorial guidelines, please follow the instructions at:


Call for reviews


452°F is also accepting reviews to be published in a section of the journal devoted to newly published books.

-Reviews must be original and unpublished.

-Books reviewed should cover issues relating to Literary Theory, Literary Criticism and/or Comparative Literature.

-Books reviewed must have a publication date between the present year and two years prior. We will also consider reviews of significant new editions or first translations related to the field of study as long as the publication dates meet the criteria established above.

-Format, notes, quotations and references should follow the criteria of the journal's Author Guidelines.

-Reviews should include a title, the citation of the book and the number of pages, and will not contain an abstract or keywords.

-Reviews must not exceed 1500 words.

-Please send your proposals to


Barcelona, January 31st, 2019

Editorial Board 452ºF


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