Asociación Cultural 452ºF is responsible for the edition of this journal. Our efforts have concentrated on the need to create a journal that will transfer literary and artistic knowledge to the largest possible number of people, and with the additional guarantee of an academic advisory board to assess its contents. Therefore, we chose to develop an electronic journal, committed to linguistic plurality and supported by the creation of an advisory board with several years of experience behind them.

The first of these projects is the electronic Journal 452ºF. Its basic guidelines have not changed since the moment the project started its development (September 2008). This would be a summary of those guidelines:

Revista 452ºF wishes to become a social tool, above all other pretensions. We believe in the expansion of horizons for the activities we develop inside the Humanities. It is only in this sense that we pretend to transfer knowledge related to literature, culture and art.

This social tool that we develop takes into special consideration the following requirements of our journal:

  • 1. That the knowledge disseminated should reach the maximum number of readers possible.
  • 2. That the knowledge disseminated should meet our quality requirements.

To achieve the first of these two targets, 452ºF agreed to:

  • Be published electronically over the Internet: in this way, we avoid the geographical, financial and ecologic frontiers of a publication on paper.
  • Guarantee free-access to all its contents: all knowledge transferred through the articles published in the journal, as well as through the additional services (reviews, bibliographies, etc) must be available for everyone accessing the web address. Therefore, the financial barrier implicit in a membership fee is avoided. We also avoid the bureaucratic tedium of having to register as a user to access the contents. At the same time, the intellectual property rights, stipulated by the journal’s [LEGAL ADVICE] are not violated.
  • Satisfy the need of a multilingual world: relying in the intrinsic cultural value of linguistic diversity, together with the need to reach as many readers as possible, several linguistic barriers will be avoided.

The second of these self-imposed objectives will be achieved by the compliance with two quality requirements:


  • Compliance with Quality Requirements of some of the major databases: the journal has been designed to comply with all the requirements posed by CINDOC, LATINDEX, CNEAI, FECYT and DICE, for publications in Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Creation of a competent Editorial Board, and the advisory tasks and support of the members of the Scientific Committee: 452ºF hopes that the group work of newly-graduated and veteran researchers will support the quality of the disseminated knowledge.

In the third place, the journal agrees that at least 40% of the articles published will be authored by novel researchers who still do not hold a PhD degree. This is not only to give voice to those usually silent/silenced, but to assert their potential.

Asociación Cultural 452ºF is pleased to present this project to the general public, hoping to grant –at one point or another of the journey- the knowledge that we should all search around. All interested in knowing further details of the Association (articles of association, board of directors, projects, financial issues, etc) should contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the web.


The journal does not levy charges for the submission, processing or publication of articles.

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